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Calamus Poets Society - a society of gay, lesbian, transgendered, and bisexual poets. Membership is free. Enter our free poetry contest featuring a $500 grand prize. Post your poems for others to read and enjoy, and read and enjoy other's poetry. Publish your poems in our anthologies. We do not have any ads on this web site.

Picture of Scenic Lighthouse Real GLBT Poetry About Real GLBT Subjects - While many of the world's greatest poets have been GLBT, very few poems about GLBT subjects ever seem to get published. This web site provides a forum for real GLBT poems about real GLBT subjects.

Free Poetry Contest - $500 Grand Prize - Enter our annual poetry contest featuring a $500 grand prize. We have several catagories: gay male, lesbian, transgendered (male to female), transgendered (female to male), bisexual (male), bisexual (female), and "Living with HIV." We hope the contest will help stimulate interest in this web site and in GLBT people to write and publish their poetry. Our contest differs from others in that our members vote to determine the winner, rather than a panel of judges.

Your Poetry Published in our Anthologies - In the future, we plan on publishing anthologies of GLBT poetry by catagory (gay, lesbian, etc.) Members will be able to submit their poems for publication in our anthologies. At first, these anthologies will be more for fun and enjoyment among poets and their friends and families rather than as a valid literary credit, but eventually we hope these anthologies will become a respected, valid literary credit. Sales of these anthologies will allow us to grow by purchasing more advertisements, servers, bandwidth, and programmer's fees.

Picture of Rustic Red Barn Receive Feedback from Other Poets - Once you post a poem to this website, other poets on this website will be able to read it and give you feedback, including helpful constructive criticism.

Give Feedback to Other Poets - You will be able to not only read the poetry of other users, but also to give other feedback, including helpful constructive criticism.

Free Poetry Lessons - We offer free poetry lessons online. If you haven't written a poem since high school, these lessons will teach you the basics of writing poetry to give you a jump start.

Free Membership - It's completely free to become a member with access to all of the above features.

Privately Funded - No Ads - This web site, including advertising, servers, bandwidth, and programmer's fees are privately funded by a small group of GLBT poets who believe in its purpose and mission. We currently don't have any ads on this web site, and we don't plan on having any in the future. Right now the web site is fully funded. We hope that future sales of anthologies will allow us to grow this web site.

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