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We plan on publishing anthologies of GLBT poetry by catagory (gay, lesbian, transgendered, bisexual, and "Living with HIV.") Members will be able to submit their poems for publication in our anthologies.

At first, these anthologies will be more for fun and enjoyment among poets and their friends and families rather than as a valid literary credit, but eventually we hope these anthologies will become a respected, valid literary credit.

Sales of these anthologies will allow us to grow by purchasing more advertisements, servers, bandwidth, and programmer's fees.

Our current vision is to publish about 100 poems in a 200 to 250 page volume of poetry in a single catagory (gay, lesbian, etc.). We plan on selling these volumes for about $10 to $15 each depending on quantity.

If demand is low, with poets only wanting one or two volumes, we will use a print on demand service and each volume will run about $15 each. If demand is higher, with poets averaging five or more volumes each, we will use a traditional printing company and volumes will run about $10 each. There are several poetry organizations that will publish poems in anthologies, but they typically limit a poem to a single page and charge $50 and up per volume, so this will be a very good deal.

GLBT people usually have a large circle of friends that they buy small gift for holidays, birthdays, etc. These poetry anthologies will make great, inexpensive gifts for friends.

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